She Is Gone… And other thoughts

May 31, 2013 in Life Update, Original Song, This Is Friday by Vaughn Oliver

So here we are again, you and me, me and you.
Hi. How have you been?
(If good) – That’s good, glad to hear.
(If not good) – That’s not good, I’m sorry to hear that.
(If you thought was a rhetorical question and did not answer) – …Fine, just ignore me…

Anyways, it’s Friday again and you know what that means, I get to sleep in tomorrow! Yea! Awesome! Aren’t you so excited for me? I am.

So that’s it…
Isn’t it?
It isn’t?

Right! This is Friday! Which means… something… something songy… and it’s in the title of this post so I better smarten up and actually talk about my music.

She Is GoneSoundCloud
This weeks track is brought to you by a stanza that I wrote awhile back, mixed with a little riff that I picked up recently, melded together by my recent indulgence into jam bands. There is also some heavy hitting back beats that you should pay attention to! There are some experimental mixing parts to this track as well, tried to spice it up a bit, and will continue to add spiciness in weeks to come.

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Too late. I ate it.