Monday Fun-day (That’s what the kids say… right?)

May 13, 2013 in Development, Life Update, Original Song, This Is Friday by Vaughn Oliver

So… It’s a Monday… And I got so excited for this Friday’s track that I’m already finished it… Now what??

I suppose I could do my schoolwork.

Nah! First I’ll write!

First of all, Happy Belated Mother’s day to all the current and soon-to-be mom’s, if I had the money I would buy you all flowers and chocolates and earplugs. So please buy my music so I can afford such niceties. Thank you.

In other news – To all those who are in Alberta, or just those who care, I am returning from the glorious land of Vancity for the weekend to attend a wedding. It shall be a joyous time as the wine flows (I hope there’s wine) and the people dance (I hope there’s dancing) and the mountain smell fills the air (I hope there’s… air?). And yes, there will be mountains! Canmore has mountains, dang-nabbit! Alberta isn’t this flatland of farming and cross-country skiing! Well… It isn’t just that…

Back on topic – …what was my topic again?

Back on topic 2 (Electric Boogaloo (I’m sorry)) – I’m really excited about this Friday’s song, although it’s a shorter one, that just means you get to listen to it more without being bored!! Or don’t have to spend as long listening to it just so you can say you listened to it… Either way, you’re welcome.

Well, I believe that’s about it for me today.
More to add? Leave me a message in the comments below, or go on over to my contacts page and send me a message! Now.. where did I put that link… Aha! Here it is!

Oops, wrong Link!

Try this one!

So yea, whatever you’d like… I’ll wait…

Please hurry… I’m lonely…

Right! Schoolwork!